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If you live in New York City and are an immigrant,
refugee or applicant for asylum, you could be eligible to enroll for English language classes at Riverside.


Riverside Language Program
can give you the skills
to help you

Riverside Language Program offers free classes in English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) to documented, recently-arrived immigrants, asylees and refugee adults from all over the world currently living in New York City.

Riverside Language Program serves newly-arrived, documented refugees, asylees and immigrants – many with college degrees and professional qualifications in their countries of origin. Our mission is to speed them from low-paid, menial jobs into meaningful work, commensurate with their experience. We do so by giving them the one tool they lack and need

– mastery of the English language.

We are the sole providers of full-time, intensive, free English language classes in New York City. Since 1979, we’ve fast-tracked over 30,000 individuals to becoming integrated, self-sufficient, tax-paying citizens. We serve adults of all ages, who have escaped deprivation, discrimination, war – even torture – to begin new, productive lives in New York.

Riverside Language Program has been commended by New York State as a model program for ESOL and profiled in The New York Times.


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